A Little Bit About Mosquito-Man

mosquito man truck

MOSQUITO-MAN is a locally owned residential and commercial Mosquito & Tick Extermination Company. Owned and operated by Kristi and John Rivers of Annapolis, MD. Our goal is to help you “take your yard back.” We enjoy the outdoors and want our clients, family and friends to be able to do so without being “eaten alive” by biting insects.

Our MOSQUITO-MAN Misting Systems are the best in the industry. We offer un-paralleled quality, an industry best in class warranty and peace of mind to all of our customers who have and will purchase quality systems. Our Gen III tankless system is cutting edge. No large drums, no unsightly equipment and no worries about leaks. Our Gen III offers state of the art LEAK DETECTION, precise mixture of mosquito formula every time, wind detection and multiple zone capability.

This is our most popular and versatile MOSQUITO-MAN program. It’s as simple as calling us or inquiring on line and you can “take your yard back” for the season. MOSQUITO-MAN will treat your designated areas approximately every 21 days to ensure your outdoor living pleasure. Pay in advance and save. Don’t forget about our “referral program”. Organize your neighbors and become a neighborhood captain to save even more.

Having a party? A wedding? A backyard BBQ? Call MOSQUITO-MAN for your pre-party mosquito treatment. Mosquito-Man will dispatch one of our trained technicians the day before your “special day” to eliminate your worries. Don’t forget to add MOSQUITO-MAN’S “Special Event Treatment” to your party “to do” list!

  • Licensed, Certified & Fully Insured
  • #1 In Customer Satisfaction
  • Clean, Transparent, Customized Installations
  • 24/7 Protections
  • Natural & Organic Products
  • Locally Owned & Operated