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Deadliest Animals

What would you say is the most dangerous animal on Earth? Sharks? Snakes? Humans? Of course the answer depends on how you define dangerous. Personally I’ve had a thing about sharks since the first time I saw Jaws. But if you’re judging by how many people are killed by an animal every year, then the […]

How To Remove A Tick

How to remove a tick > Avoid folklore remedies such as “painting” the tick with nail polish or petroleum jelly, or using heat to make the tick detach from the skin. Your goal is to remove the tick as quickly as possible–not waiting for it to detach. Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as […]

Extended Breeding Season

Breeding season is extending > learn more & call us today for treatment! As the climate of the northern United States warms, the Asian tiger mosquito, one of the world’s most invasive pests, continues spreading northward from Texas to New York, while extending its breeding season. These changes are happening just when chikungunya, an infectious […]

Mosquito Awareness Week

It’s Mosquito Awareness Week… While generally a nuisance, mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus and encephalitis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nearly 300,000 Americans have been sickened with West Nile Virus since it arrived in the U.S. 11 years ago. Whether from the unseasonably warm spring or […]

Outbreak of Chikungunya

The Centers for Disease Control have been warning of an American outbreak of chikungunya since December when it started growing in the Caribbean. At the time, they told travelers to be aware of the disease and be observant as they travel through the area. As so many bugs, and vector-borne disease spread through travel, the […]

Best Burger Recipes

Looking for the ultimate BBQ Burger? Check out some of these awesome recipes and get those grills going since May is National Barbecue Month and the beginning of #summer #memorialday #holiday – time to get outside!Don’t forget to call us ahead of time if you’re having an outdoor event!   The Food Network Recipes: http://www.foodnetwork.com/grilling/grilling-central-burgers-and-hot-dogs/best-burger-recipes.html

Kiss My Glass

We had a GREAT experience with the owner Chuck today from KISS MY GLASS window cleaning. He is a great guy. A Veteran and does an amazing job. If you are considering having your windows cleaned you won’t be disappointed. The work was great and the price was very reasonable. Thanks Chuck! KISS MY GLASS […]