Box of Rain is a year-round program designed to inspire and encourage Annapolis area youth, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to gain self-esteem and to develop life skills that lead to positive contributions to the community. It is free for all of our participants.A variety of activities and challenges are provided in order to develop a well-rounded Box of Rain kid who feels a sense of accomplishment when they complete any one or all of the three sessions each year. The name of the game is teamwork, risk-taking, and learning life and technical skills.

Our programming is organized around three established and contained sessions:

  • Summer Program (June to August)
  • Boat Building by the Bay (January through April)
  • Revolution Kids (all year)

In addition, Box of Rain sponsors events, such as a holiday party, and involves the participants in activities throughout the year that nurture social skills. Box of Rain builds in meals, water, transportation and supplies to all of its programs so that no one who wishes to participate will be left behind for any reason!