Truck Mounted ULV

Mosquito-Man provides large scale community mosquito spraying. Any size area or community that is need of this service is eligible. ULV fogging occurs at night to enable the treatment to use the thermoclines to travel farther distances thereby being more effective. The ULV machine disperses 80{4330296d1b26de6ab6119b44ca467d5bb33025dcd75f9ca0ec0f91e2908cdac6} of its droplets are less than 20 microns in diameter, this also allows the droplets to travel farther. The unit is also equipped with GPS that regulates the flow based on the speed the vehicle is traveling. Mosquito-Man strives to be the best equipped and most advanced mosquito control company in Maryland. Mosquito control is a comprehensive approach and we are able to assist in all facets of mosquito control.